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"How can you talk terroir to consumers if you're not the first to care about it? "

It soon seemed obvious to André Leenhardt to set his sights on organic certification, and today the entire estate is organically farmed. 

In addition, the grapes are harvested exclusively by hand to ensure that they are as clean as possible.

"The cleaner and more rigorous the upstream work, the less you need to intervene afterwards to obtain a quality wine."

The bat, a first-rate ally for winegrowers

bouteille Caza Sorix_edited.png

Although disliked for spreading false rumors about this little mammal, the bat is a real asset for winegrowers, as it takes over from the birds at dusk to swallow numerous insects, including the vine-destroying butterfly. The presence of bats in vineyards is a sign of rich and diverse bio-diversity, which is only possible if insecticides are banned. At Cazeneuve, we wanted to pay tribute to the bat by dedicating a cuvée Caza Sorix (kawa sorix being its Greek name). We are fortunate to have a very large number of them, as their natural habitat - old, uninhabited stones - is still very common here...

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