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The importance of the bat for viticulture

Cazeneuve's latest child bears a very strange name. It was important to us to tell the origin.

When it came to christening our latest cuvée, it seemed obvious to us to pay tribute to a small animal that is sometimes unloved and yet so useful in our environment: the bat.

There are fewer and fewer natural habitats for bats. Indeed, it likes to nest in old stones like abandoned houses. However, those di are often rearranged, leading to the gradual disappearance of the species. On Cazeneuve, we are lucky to have many stone places still uninhabited, constituting a perfect nesting place for them. When evening begins to fall, the first beats of wings are heard and the ballet of bats begins...

Beyond its major role in biodiversity, it is urgent to encourage the reception of bats in the vineyards because they feed on small harmful insects including vine-ravaging butterflies, and thus contribute to the reduction in use of pesticides. The link was found

between this small mammal and the work in organic farming implemented in Cazeneuve for many years.


In Greek, bat is called Cawa Sorix, which literally translates to Owl Mouse (which by deformation led to bat). So we simply changed the W to Z in a nod to Cazeneuve!


After the container let's talk about the content: Caza Sorix is ​​a cuvée in IGP Val de Montferrand, made from a blend of Merbot, San Giovese, Cinsault and Carignan whose vinification and aging were made only in stainless steel vats.

In the spirit Caza Sorix is ​​a light cuvée, easy to drink and very greedy. In summer, do not hesitate to refresh it. It will easily pair with simple dishes such as savory pies, grilled meats or tapas.

The little decorative touch: we chose a random label, that is to say that no bottle is alike, neither in the number nor in the size or color of the bats!

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